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Victoria Park is a tree-lined riverside park situated about half a mile (800 m) west of Leamington Spa town centre

on the south bank of the River Leam.

The 18.5 acre green space encompasses a half-mile circuit, an open grassed area for dog walkers, a  large play area, a paddling pool, a skateboard park, 10 tennis courts, 5 world-class bowling greens, bowls and tennis pavilions, and Swirls café.  


Recent developments include the installation of outdoor gym machines, a basketball hoop and, most spectacularly, the opening of a new, larger and more exciting play area.

The bowls and tennis clubs have their own popular local clubs and Friends of Victoria Park are primarily concerned with the free-to-use facilities enjoyed by the majority of park visitors.

Two large-scale surveys show that the largest group of park users are families with children. Adults, young people and dog walkers are also prominent with cyclists, runners and skateboarders enjoying the park too. Most visitors walk to the park. 


The most popular park facilities are the circular path (circuit), open grassed area and children’s play area.

Two aspects attracting most complaints were the public toilets and problems with local parking. Partly in response to the Friends, Warwick District Council has upgraded the toilets  and proactively promotes green transport options.

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